Thursday, September 12, 2013

It has been 1 year!

So I cannot believe it has been 1 whole year since I have posted anything on here. A lot has happened. First off, I graduated with my Masters. Secondly, Andrew and I bought a house. And most importantly, I gave birth to Jackson. I guess I stopped posting right before I got pregnant. Funny how that works. I wish I had blogged during my pregnancy, but oh well. Next time :).

So Jackson was born on 6/24 (his due date) at 10:50 a.m. weighing 7 lbs. 1 oz and was 20 inches. He has been growing great. His 2 week appointment he had gained all his weight back and was about 7 lbs 14 oz. At his 2 month appointment he weighed 11 lbs. 4 oz. and was 22.5 inches. He is in the 60's percentile for weight, 40's for head, and 50's for height (I cant remember the exact percentages.. I could look it up but I'm lazy!). He is a growing boy, that is for sure. Some characteristics of this little boy are

  • He has blue/grey eyes, blonde hair, and dimples. One day I was looking at a Pampers box and realized that he looked very similar to the baby on the box. He's a looker, but maybe I'm biased. We think he is going to be a heartbreaker for sure.
  • He is strong! Jackson rolled over at 3 days old and has been practically holding his head up since day 1. I always commented to Andrew that we never had a floppy head baby like I've seen before.
  • He is very alert. Since he was born he was looking around at everything. He is still very observant of his surroundings.
  • He is very active...always kicking kicking kicking. He never stops. In fact, he likes to kick me! He is going to be a very energetic and active child. Lord help me.
  • He is very social. He loves new faces! He's always smiling at whoever will give him attention.
  • He is happy. Although he cries (what baby doesn't), he is overall pretty happy. We have so many pictures of this boy smiling. I can't believe how early some of them were taken (we have one of him during his first week). He has been smiling consistently since 4 weeks and continues to do so daily. He also started laughing at 2 months 1 week. 
  • He is determined. I will teach him something and he will focus on it intently. I love watching him learn because he will not stop until he gets it. He has objects on his playmat that he gets intently focused on (this toy monkey) and will not stop staring and fussing at it, but also playing with it at the same time. 
  • He's a fast learner and has done things ahead of the curve. For example, rolling over, and also batting at objects.
  • He's resilient. He had shots right after he was born and he didn't even cry.
Now that Jackson is 2 1/2 months he has already smiled, rolled over (from his front to back), laughed, held his head up, and grasped objects. He also has started to watch our every move. We can't get out of his sight! He recently started whining when we put him down. He loves to be held up against my shoulder so he is close and also can see whats going on. He loves to chew his hands and has also started to discover that he can put objects in his mouth. 

We are very excited for the next few months because we are really going to see him develop. We are excited for his next milestones: rolling over consistently and from back to front, sitting up, eating things other than breast milk, grabbing objects, playing with toys. I will try to make more of a conscious effort to update this so you all can keep up with his progress. Also, I'd like to have this on file for the future. I have already started making a baby book for him and have saved quite a lot of these details, but it is always best to have it somewhere else as well. Also, I have a very detailed account of his birth story which I may try to condense and post. I hand wrote it so it will take me some time before I'm able to have the time to write it out here. 

Until next time... Hopefully it will not be 1 year this time. Oh, and some pictures of the past year are posted below.

Jackson's 1st vacation- Lake Tahoe for the Weber Family Reunion. 1 1/2 months old.

2 weeks

1 day old!

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